In the spring of 2016 Olivia Cuenca and I set off to ride our bicycles around the world. We ended up cycling for 18 months, across 26 countries. We spent 4 months in the Himalaya, we cycled over 17,500ft countless times, we listed to the Dalai Lama speak in India, dined with monks in Korea, we met the most welcoming people in bamboo villages across Myanmar, we learned Spanish in South America, we slept in rock huts and all kinds of weird places, we pushed our bikes through snowstorms in Kyrgyzstan, drank horse milk with nomadic herders, we ate amazingly grungy street food while sitting on the sidewalks of Vietnam, we laid eyes on 7 of the ten worlds highest peaks, we were chased out of our campsite by water buffalo in Laos, cycled through the jungles of northern Thailand and trekked the great hikes of Patagonia. 
Our goal was to find, ride, and document kick ass roads around the world. In attempts to stay away from pavement, and as a way to get to know the real world, we were searching for jeep tracks, single track, and all those little dirt roads that weave through the mountains leading to places less explored.
Whenever you ride a bike you go slow, and going slow makes you appreciate all those little places you would never dare to stop in a car; it also allows all kinds of crazy things to happen. Adventures like these give you a healthy dose of delayed gratification, force you to live simply, and makes you appreciate where you are. 
We photographed and wrote about our adventure at Ridingwild.org and our Instagram is @ridingwild

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