During the 20's prohibition began in the United States, outlawing the sale of alcohol, and beginning the production of illicit alcohol such as moonshine. Since then a lot has happened, but most people have not tried moonshine and many people barely know that moonshine is legal. 
Instead of giving Ole Smoky a modern look and feel, we decided to embrace the story and novelty behind the product. Moonshine was historically sold out of a trunk of a car and secretly distilled in the hills of Appalachia, so Ole Smoky was also given that same look and feel. I created an identity system, using typefaces which nod to the era of sign painting, and textures which highlight the grass roots of the movement, which together make the brand feel like it was born from the period in American history when alcohol was outlawed. 
I expanded their brand vocabulary which could be applied across all platforms as well as packaging, social media, digital media, out of home and point of sale. Below is a small collection of Ole Smoky work I created while working at BBCO. The Sweet Tea & Watermelon campaign was co-created with Travis Barron. 
St. Patty's
Moonshine Madness
Sweet Tea & Watermelon

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