Euphoria is a four day electronic music and camping festival in Austin, Texas held at Carson Creek Ranch. The festival was growing extremely fast and they needed help as they continued to expand. I worked with Euphoria to develop a mark and identity system that represents community, camping, and electronic music.
Euphoria's old branding was a little too reminiscent of a generic techno club flyer. They had a core group of extremely dedicated fans but they needed to expand their demographic. They wanted their brand to be more approachable, and an identity which was as unique as their festival. It was important to keep the "outsider festival" feel, while providing a brand that would appeal to a wider audience.
The intricate pattern work was created using elements from both Central Texas culture and electronic music. The bright colors and geometric shapes give the festival an approachable, friendly aesthetic, while the austere and symbolic characters keep it feeling like an outsider festival. The logo, which is symbolic of a tent, weaves together Euphoria's three pillars: community, music, and camping. 
I created everything for the brand including: logo, Identity, wristbands, 50 foot banners that framed the stage, backstage passes, flyers, business cards, digital content, social media content, posters, entrance gate to the festival, the map, the schedule, shirts, socks and hats. This project was worked on at BBCO. Event photography is not original. 

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